What About The Groom?

So much focus is put onto the bride and bridesmaids (and rightly so), but what about the groom and his groomsmen? They’re important enough to be involved (after all, you are marrying him!), so don’t forget him in the fashion stakes!

Grooms, Weddings by Rachel suggest following some of these tips when you and your fiancée select outfits for yourself and your gents.

Complement, don’t match, the bride

This is one day on which you want to look confident and completely at ease, and you can’t do this if you are decked out in some costume that just isn’t ‘you’.

Whilst it is a nice touch to match the colours of the men’s accessories to the wedding colours, you don’t have to have all the groomsmen wearing matching pink cummerbunds and bowties simply because the bridesmaids are wearing pink. Dark shades of blue, green or grey look better on men.

It is important, though, that the groom’s outfit complements that of the bride, so it is advisable to delay your choice until the bride has decided what she is wearing. Of course we all know the groom shouldn’t see the bride in her dress before the day, but she is allowed to give you some clues as to the choice of outfit that would tie in with what she is wearing.

Tradition has always dictated that the groom, best man, ushers and fathers of the bride and groom should dress in similar fashion. These outfits need not be identical, but should reflect the same theme and colour scheme.

It would be inappropriate, for instance, to have the groom wearing a morning suit and his attendants dressed in tuxedos. The fathers of the bride and groom are, sadly, often overlooked and it is important to ensure that they also know exactly what the dress code is and what is expected of them, to ensure that they are appropriately dressed.

Obviously, when trying to dress a large number of men in a similar fashion, it is usually easier to hire all the outfits. If you are planning to follow this route, it is a good idea to obtain them from one hiring company, to ensure that they are all the same shade. Also, to guarantee that your choice will be available, don’t leave it too late to book the outfits you require.

Over the years, companies that hire out men’s apparel have increased their selection and now offer a much bigger choice, ranging from white and charcoal lounge suits to single- or double-breasted tuxedos, mandarin suits, frock-coats, morning suits etc.

However, you do have to bear in mind that you are limited by what is available for hire and if you are wanting a particular colour or style, you might have to resort to having it made up for you.

The general rule regarding what is appropriate to wear is as follows:

  • Tuxedos – suitable for the more formal evening wedding, as are frock-coats
  • Lounge suits – appropriate for a day wedding or a less formal evening event
  • Morning suits – worn for formal morning weddings and not evening affairs
  • Blazers and chinos – suitable for a less formal morning wedding, or a casual wedding on the beach.

One way to differentiate the groom from his entourage is to provide him with a buttonhole of a different colour. His tie could also be a slightly different colour, but still tone in with those of the rest of his party. (It is advisable, though, to buy the ties at the same time, to ensure that the colours match and do remember to include ties for the fathers). All of this should prevent being faced on the day with a plethora of multi-coloured neckwear on display – definitely not what you need on your wedding photographs!

If you are investing in a new pair of shoes for your wedding, it is wise to spend a bit of time ‘breaking them in’ around the house before the day. Remember that if you are having an evening wedding, you are going to be on your feet for at least eight hours and if your shoes are uncomfortable, it will show on your face.

If you are having a church wedding, in which case you will probably have to kneel, remember to check the soles of your shoes to ensure that there are no forgotten price stickers lurking there.

The Pros and Cons of a Marquee Wedding

Four reasons for wedding marquee hire

1. Starting with a blank canvas for your wedding theme and decorations is one of the best reasons to wedding marquee hire. You aren’t restricted by the decor or style of your wedding venue, and can design your own scheme with lighting and coloured or patterned drapes, producing the venue of your dreams.

2. Wedding marquees come in a variety of sizes, and as long as you can fit it into the space, you can hire whatever size you need. This means that you can hire a marquee based on your ideal guest list rather than having to limit your guest list to fit in with the restrictions of your venue.

3. It’s possible to change the layout of a marquee simply by adding screens or curtains, so you can decide whether you want a separate area for your drinks and food. You can also section off the dance floor and decorate it differently to the rest of the marquee to make a dramatic impact when the band starts to play and the curtains are pulled back. A marquee is a flexible option; for example you can take off the sides if the weather is really good, or lay down flooring if it rains the night before the wedding.

4. Marquee hire can be a relatively low cost compared with venue hire. Assuming you are using your own garden and don’t have to hire a garden or park, the marquee hire should work out cheaper than reception venue hire unless you want every mod con included. As you won’t have to use the caterers and drinks provided by a venue, you should be able to save some money on food and alcohol.

Four reasons to think twice about hiring a wedding marquee

1. A marquee is a seasonal venue and works best in spring or autumn. It is no surprise then that these are the most expensive seasons to hire a marquee. It is possible to hold a marquee wedding in summer or winter, but you will need plenty of extras such as air conditioning, heating, or flooring to make your guests comfortable.

2. Hiring a marquee also means hiring the facilities that go with it. Your list may include tables and chairs, tableware, a dance floor, a stage, a sound system, lighting, a power supply, and guest toilets.

3. Having a home based marquee wedding means added responsibilities for you and your new husband, or your families. If you hire a wedding venue you can leave all the mess for the venue to clear up, but if you have a marquee in the garden, the chances are you will need to do at least some of the tidying and cleaning before your marquee supplier arrives to dismantle it.

4. Wedding receptions do generate a lot of noise especially if you are hiring a live band, or even a DJ. Marquees aren’t sound proof so if you are having the reception in your garden you may risk upsetting your neighbours, especially if you aren’t inviting them! You will certainly have to restrict the reception to finish at a certain time out of respect for your neighbourhood.

Booking your wedding transport

There are a lot of details to consider when you look to book your wedding transport. Use some of these tips to help you make your decisions and book a company that you feel comfortable with.

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The company you contact will want to know fine details about your journey such as collection addresses and times. Have this handy! Think about how much time you would like your chauffeur and vehicle to be in attendance as this is a vital part of the costing – if you’re unsure just talk to the company who will be happy to guide you.

Book early

Wedding cars get booked up quickly so if you have your heart set on something do book it straight away.

See the car

When you have decided what car you want to book arrange a time with the company to go and see it. If for any reason they refuse or avoid you seeing the car, walk away!

When you go, you can always ask to see a copy of their insurance, public liability and MOT certificate for the vehicle if you feel more comfortable. There is no reason that they shouldn’t be able to show you this.

Before the day

So, you’ve booked your car – and the chauffeur has taken a deposit and you are just a month away from your wedding day.

Give the company a call and confirm the booking. Make sure they have the correct date and time and they plan to send the same vehicle you have booked. If you have a wedding planner, they will do this for you.

Finally, the day before, make another call. Check all the details with the company again and confirm the venue and payment details.

Contacting the driver

Emotions will be flowing and you’ll be excited – but it is very important you take the drivers mobile number so you can find him when you need him if you have a returned journey booked. Try and do this before you arrive at the venue. Again, this will be done by the wedding planner if you have one.

Our Work…

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Adding A Touch Of Magic…

Thank you to Jon Holt for his guest blog for Weddings by Rachel.

Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married – yay! Have you got a venue in mind, a dress you love and a husband that you can put up with for 50 years? Excellent. Now, to plan the wedding…

No matter how well you plan everything, there’s always something that niggles inside your head. Just something little, but something…

It may be one of these:

* Are you worried about guests not mingling when the arrive for the wedding?

* Is there someone that you think will be shy and need someone to help them break the ice?

* Do you want to relax while you are having your photo’s taken, without having to rush back to keep your guests happy?

* Do you want to get your guests laughing between courses of the wedding breakfast?

* Do you have any ‘gaps’ in your day that you worry about?

* Do you worry that you may need something to cover for any delays

* Are you worried that some entertainment needs a large space, stage or lighting set up?

* Are you unsure if you’re wedding is going to be indoors or out?

* Are you looking for some entertainment between the meal and the evening disco, something to keep the energy and excitement levels up?

* Do you want something totally flexible, totally unique and versatile that it will be able to work around your day and still entertain your guests, even with those last minute changes?

It’s little things like these that you can’t possibly account for that often worry us most. Let me show you how a magician at your wedding can help:

Are you worried about guests not mingling or being shy as they arrive for the wedding?

A close up magician can bring people together with a trick, without it being a daunting formal introduction. After a few moments of magic, the group is more relaxed and a rapport has built among members. They have a shared experience and have had a good time together – a strong rapport building technique.

Do you want to relax while you are having your photo’s taken, without having to rush back to keep your guests from getting bored?

Rather than worrying about your guests being bored or having nothing to do, while you’re waiting for that perfect pose with Aunty Edna, I can be mingling with your guests, keeping them entertained with magic. It won’t seem like a long wait for them as they laugh and have a great time, so you spend as long as you like waiting for that perfect picture.

Do you want a great atmosphere at your wedding breakfast?

Wedding breakfasts can be quite daunting. You may worry about people getting on with strangers at tables, but magic can help create a great atmosphere by getting people laughing between courses of the meal. It can also be a great way to cover for any delays that there may be between courses, so you’ve no need to worry.

Do you have any ‘gaps’ in your day that you worry about?

A gap between the meal and the evening disco is one that could be filled with magic to keep the energy and excitement levels up. Having a close up magician walk round, entertaining small groups can stop you worrying about your guests having nothing to do. This is just one example of a gap in the day that you may worry about. Having a truly versatile performer, such as a magician, means that they can suit their performance to YOUR needs, allowing you to relax and enjoy your day.

Close up magic is a unique form of entertainment. A good magician knows to develop an act that is portable and truly versatile. Myself, I work entirely from my pockets, so I do not need any special table space or lighting. I can work indoors or outdoors, so I can adapt to those last minute changes without any trouble. My material is also family friendly, with the emphasis on humour, though no-one is made to look foolish (aside from me!).

You can see what great peace of mind magic has to offer. As a versatile form of entertainment, able to adapt to all demographics, I don’t think it can be beat. When performed well, it can adapt to anything you have to throw at it, and still come out leaving your guests laughing after having such a memorable time at YOURwedding day.

If you’re looking to create a fantastic atmosphere and take the worry out of YOUR wedding, give me a call!