Wedding planning is not for the faint hearted

Thank you to Clare from My Wedding Website for being a guest blogger for Weddings by Rachel!

Most Brides love to plan their wedding day to military precision. Myself included Christmas 2010. A number of our Guests were coming from Ireland, which left me with all the usual things a Bride has to organise, plus trying to sort out places for everyone to stay, lifts to and from the airport/ church, venue etc! Our beautiful invites started to get very full and more and more expensive as extra inserts were required for flights, directions, information on the venue, even different Wedding lists, as in Ireland almost all Wedding gifts are monetary, and they don’t tend to use Wedding Guest lists with retailers, as we do here. Postage was creeping up and up!!! Then the stressful job of waiting for RSVP’s to come back before final numbers were confirmed. I’m guilty myself of not sending RSVP’s back on-time, but never not sending them at all. However many Guests didn’t see the need to bother or forgot or left it too late! With the odd text, phone-call saying “we’ll be there” it was difficult to keep track. Then the numerous phone calls came in the run up to our big day with questions, all of which were in black and white (in our case) on our invites! The frustration!!

So all this got me thinking, and since then I came up with an idea to makes a Brides job a little easier and less stressful.

Hence, by Clare, was born.

With my 10+ years’ experience in Advertising, I decided to put my passion for Weddings and Design to good use by creating & designing stunning, completely bespoke wedding websites which shares all and any wedding information in one place, and allows guests to RSVP online. And if you have to include a map why spoil your lovely invites, I use google maps. Also, let’s face it when else will you get to have your own custom built bespoke website with unique web address personal to you and your new husband to be! You deserve the best on your wedding day!

I can work to any design and colour scheme a nearly-wed couple has, and why not include some fantastic quirky animations to entertain your Guests? Maybe your own love tree, or if Butterfly’s are your thing, they can happily flutter on your wedding website too (check out my own site where you’ll also get to meet your wedding fairy, see  for even more animations!)

You could even surprise your guests by adding some music to your wedding website, perhaps the Wedding March. Annoying if your Guests decide to make a sly visit in work, but fun nevertheless 😉

This is the opportunity to bring your wedding ideas/themes to life, and a great way to interact with your Guests. The possibilities are endless. Plus if there are any last minute changes to your day, just update your wedding website. A real must for saving time and money!

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