Outdoor Wedding Ceremony? Things to consider, wherever you are in the world

Having a outdoor ceremony can seem like a dream come true, but there are other things to consider than just how the photos will look and it is important to prepare yourself for every possibility. Here are three great things to bear in mind when planning an outdoor wedding ceremony, wherever in the world you are planning it!

Here’s an outdoor ceremony that I did recently and used all of the below tips. We had a bit of wind but I had towels and umbrellas handy in case of any last minute emergencies!

1) Pulls up a 5-year history of the weather for your wedding date

While you cannot predict the weather, the history can give you a good idea of the future. However, even if the weather has been perfect for the past 5 years, be prepared with a Plan B that includes an indoor venue in case of rain, wind, cold, or extreme heat.

2) Check the bug situation and comes up with a plan to handle it

Insects can be a real problem at an outdoor event. Visit the venue during the time of day that the wedding will take place and talk to the site’s owners or, if the site is public, the local government officials, to find out what can be done to keep bugs at bay.

3) Find out the time the sun will go down

If it’s dark, you will need lights and maybe even heaters to help the guests be more comfortable.

For help organising your outdoor wedding and for further advise and etiquette, contact award winning wedding planner, Weddings by Rachel.

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