Disposable Cameras – The Pro’s and Con’s

Disposable wedding cameras can be a lot of fun at weddings, however this may be an expensive way for you to get a ‘table shot’ of your wedding guests.

Disposable cameras – in theory – are supposed to let your guests capture fun candids of everyone attending the wedding. Picture this: your photographer is busy shooting you and your new husband blissfully locking lips; meanwhile, your flower girl is dancing up a storm on the dance floor. A guest might spot this cute moment and snap a photo of it. Without the camera on the table, you’d miss out on that adorable moment.

On the flip side, wedding guests who have had too many cocktails get a little camera crazy, and you may end up with pics of less pleasing objects – floors, ceilings and out of focus tipsy dancers – only to find this out when you’ve developed all of the pictures, at a fairly hefty expense.

More often than not, you will only get a couple of great photos out of a dozen disposable cameras. So why not give blank CD’s to guests instead and ask them to send you their digital photos on CD? That way you’ll have a lot of good quality, high resolution photos that you can keep for years to come.

disposable wedding camera

If you are set on having disposable cameras, I would recommend having them put onto CD instead of having them all printed. This will cost a fraction of the price and then you only have to print the ones that you want to keep!

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