Cool Wedding Gifts For Your Groom

So if you are your groom have agreed to buy wedding gifts for each other, you will often find yourself in a position where you have no idea what to buy him! Especially if he has no clear hobbies or passions. If you haven’t had this conversation, it’s a good idea to have it (or maybe mention to someone who can talk to the groom) before you buy him a present – the last thing you want is for him to feel uncomfortable when he didn’t return the gesture!

So, here are five really cool gifts you can get for your groom if you’re really stuck on what to buy him!

1. Cufflinks

These are a great gift because he can wear them on the wedding day. If, however, you want him to wear them again, be cautious about the style you get. Wedding themed cufflinks are beautiful and thoughtful, but will he ever get the chance to put them on after the wedding? Unless you get some classic, personalised wedding themed cufflinks, like these from Not on the High Street.

2. My Gorgeous Groom Journal

This is a stunning journal from Oh So Cherished that contains all of your thoughts and love for your special groom, including space for anecdotes and photos. This is a beautiful gift but, be warned, make sure you buy this nice and early to give yourself plenty of time to complete it in advance of the wedding!

3. Pocket Watch

This is a very classic gift for grooms from his bride, and with some beautifully modern and striking designs around today, this might just be the perfect gift for your beloved. I particularly love the selection from

4. For Your Eyes Only Portrait

These boudoir style portraits are a great gift for your groom as it is something very, very personal. There are a number of photographers throughout South Wales and the UK that offer these packages, but make sure you feel comfortable with whoever you pick! I particularly like the work of Nigel Pullen.

5. Sweet Jars

If you’re hubby-to-be has a sweet tooth, why not go for something a bit more fun like personalised sweet jars – you could even fill them with his favourite sweets. It’s something that’s guaranteed to put a smile on his face! I love these ones from the Gift Experience.

For help organising your wedding and for further advise and etiquette, contact award winning wedding planner, Weddings by Rachel.

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