Decorating Your Chairs

Ah, chair covers. And sashes. So many different options available, at so many different prices…where do you begin?? Do you go lycra or linen? Organza or taffeta? Coloured or white? Matching or alternating? The options are endless, as are the amount of companies available who offer these services. It really is becoming a minefield out there.

I always recommend that you begin by looking at your venue. Do you have a modern venue or a traditional venue? Are you in a castle or having a garden party? If you are having something very vintage consider if chair covers would be the right option – often you can hire chiavari chairs for not far off the same price and they can make a huge difference to a room!

If you have your heart set on having chair covers the next question to ask is linen or lycra? Lots of people want to steer clear of lycra covers but they have their advantages. Firstly, they don’t crease. Secondly, they will fit almost any chair so it won’t look like it’s the wrong size. Thirdly, because they need little after care (mainly with an iron or steamer) they are often much cheaper to hire.

Next come the decorating of the covers. Now, you can decorate even if you’re not having a cover and sashes or hoods can look fantastic on bare chairs too – so it’s worth considering if you’re looking for that WOW factor!

Sashes usually come in either organza, taffeta or satin and most in a multitude of colours. Ask to see samples – or give them a sample and see if they can match the colour exactly. Also consider alternating colours if you are having more than one colour in your scheme, like this selection from Chair Covers and Bows.

Alternatively, you can mix two sashes together for a show-stopping look like this one from Ambience Venue Styling.

Chair hoods also look fantastic and aren’t as common as standard sashes – this may mean they’re more difficult to come by but it also means that they will make a bigger statement, like these from Perfect Finish.

Ask your venue decorator to experiment with different sash tying techniques. There are some decorators out there who will mix it up to give you something extra special.

Also consider adding extras into the sash, such as small flowers, to tie in your theme and create something a little unusual, like these chairs from DLS Studios.

For help and advice with your decorating and to source some outstanding venue decorators at reasonable prices, contact Weddings by Rachel today!

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