Using Lighting To Decorate Your Wedding

Lighting is one of my favourite things for weddings – it can create exactly the atmosphere you are looking for, whether it be romantic and intimate or lively and exciting.

These are the most popular option for weddings. They can be used on the tables or scattered around venues for a traditionally romantic effect. And if your venue doesn’t allow naked flames, why not hire battery operated candles to get the same effect?

Fairy Lights
Fairy lights can be used all over a venue to create a beautifully romantic effect. If there are wooden beams or banisters showing, wrap them up in fairy lights or hire a fairy light canopy as shown here.

Back drops are also a very popular option for weddings, often with fairy light backdrops featuring behind top tables or to cover an area that you want disguised. They are great to make a feature of one wall or to draw attention away from something. We love this one from Perfect Finish.

Uplighters can help to completely transform any venue, helping to create the perfect atmosphere and mood for your special day. Justin Banwell now offers this service.

Monograms are quickly becoming the next big thing for evening receptions. Justin Banwell does some great monograms, such as this one.

For help designing and delivering your perfect wedding, contact Weddings by Rachel today.

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