I’ve Been Neglecting You…

I’m sorry. I’ve been neglecting you this past couple of weeks but rest assured, times are changing!

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Not only am I on the brink of finalising some beautiful weddings but I’m relaunching my entire marketing campaign, doing wedding fayres, meeting with couples, organising lots of wedding details and much more. Needless to say it’s been a bit manic.

This week sets to look really good for me though, professionally and personally. Personally, because this week is my mum’s birthday and that means cake! And cake is possibly my favourite food…which is also why I’ve taken on a personal trainer. My first session was early Saturday morning and I am still struggling to get up and down from the chair because I am aching so much – but this is all good.

Professionally this week looks great because I’m tying up a lot of loose ends, meeting with some great suppliers and of course, working with my lovely couples! One of my suppliers really pulled through for me recently working on some last minute details with me, so a big thank you for that. I love being able to call on such talented, reliable suppliers at a moment’s notice and still be able to get the best price possible for the couple. This is one of the factors of my job that I love – the satisfaction of completing things and making a bride happy.

This week is also the 1st anniversary of one of last years lovely couples, Mr and Mrs Hampson. Your card is in the post 🙂 I hope you’ve had a wonderful year together and I wish you many many more in the future.

Anyway, this week is a bit of catch up week for me. I’ve kept my diary to a minimum so that I can be planted in front of my computer at all times to get completely up to date with all the admin and business planning aspects of being self employed (which can easily get overlooked when you’re busy planning weddings – as many of my brides will tell you!).

I’ve got some great blogs and tips lined up for you this month and next but if there’s anything particular you want to see, please email me as I’d love to help.



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