Selecting a Photographer

Selecting a photographer can be a daunting task. You go into a wedding fayre or you look online and there’s so many to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. I always recommend wedding fayres as a good place to start because you can actually talk to the photographers and get an idea of the chemistry between you. This is important – you need to get on with your photographer. This is something that I always stress to brides because you need to have a certain level of trust with them.

Wedding fayres also give you an opportunity to look at and actually touch examples of their work. Website are a fantastic tool for displaying portfolios but always meet with a photographer and get a real touch and feel look at their work. This is important to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Think about the style of photography you want. Lots of people say they don’t want ‘posed’ photos anymore, but how important is a photo of you and your nan? Or will your fiances father want a photo of the groom with his brothers? It’s something to think about and talk to your photographer about because, even though you might not want to be stood around for hours having photos taken, you only get to do it once and you don’t want to wish you had done something later on.

Ask yourself how comfortable you both are in front of a camera? Are you comfortable with it or are you a bit of a shrinking violet? If the latter is your choice maybe consider some photo-journalistic style photographers, someone who will stay in the background.

Consider how you want your images after? Do you want one album? Lots of albums? Digital photos? Ask your photographer if they can supply images how you want them before committing to anything. The last thing you want is to book a photographer and then learn they don’t supply digital images for the create your own photo book you’ve been excited to put together!

Ask for referrals. Have they worked with any suppliers you are hiring? Do they have client testimonials that they can show you? Do you know anyone who has used them? Facebook and Twitter are great tools to ask questions about suppliers. You’d be surprised how many people may have used a supplier you’re using in the past and may be able to give you some great information.

And, of course, there’s price range. In an ideal world this would have no influence in your decision, but, in a realistic world, it often does. If you have a price range of £1000, then looking at a team of photographers who charge £3000 just isn’t going to be feasible. Consider what you can realistically spend before you get too involved with any photographers, as you don’t want any heartbreak later on. Ask upfront about costs and, if you really like their work, it’s always worth discussing your budget to see if they can put a more simplistic package together for you.

Some photographers that we love at Weddings by Rachel are:

Maria Farrelly

Copyright Maria Farrelly

Oliver and Ruth

Copyright Oliver Jones

Helen Joseph Photography

Copyright Helen Joseph

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