Themes for 2012

Here’s a look at themes taking over in 2012. Having one of these themes? We’d love to know about it and what you’re doing to incorporate it into your wedding day!


Couples are getting more and more patriotic with their weddings. Following the royal wedding last April there has been a surge in ‘Cool Britannia’ weddings, incorporating the British flag throughout the big day. You may find you want to stick a little closer to home with a Welsh, English, Scottish or Irish theme but think about how you can link your country’s colours into your wedding.

Look into local wedding traditions and try to incorporate them into your day for a truly authentic feel.


Butterflies are back! They were here a few years ago and they’ve flown back into our top wedding trends for 2012. A romantic theme, it is easy to incorporate and can look truly beautiful. You can go for as much or as little as you like, using it just for invitations or incorporating butterflies throughout the entire decoration.

You could even give butterfly shaped cookies as wedding favours.

Garden Party

Why not throw a garden party wedding this spring? Think outdoor games, bunting and seed packets for favours to create a beautiful outdoor wedding. Hang lots of fairy lights or lanterns for the evening and use lots of baskets and flowers to create the perfect wedding theme.

Why not have floral arches for photographs? Guests could have photographs taken underneath and it will make a beautiful focal point to go over the cake.

Get in touch with Weddings by Rachel to help your wedding dreams come true.

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