2012 Trends

2012 is really upon us and, being half way through January already, it’s time to look at what’s hot for this years weddings.


As we approach 2012, the trends seem to be shifting toward more understated weddings, swapping large numbers of guests to their closest friends and family. This is allowing brides more budget to play with to ensure that they are getting exactly what they want and not having to compromise in other areas.

Green Brides

Many brides are giving up traditional wedding planning and opting for a green wedding, choosing locally grown flowers, recycled invitations, and repurposing old items to become centrepieces has become a popular style.

Not all brides are going for a totally green wedding, but many are including small touches like donations to environmental charities in their guest’s names as their wedding favours or registering for eco-friendly honeymoons.

Think Outside the Church

More and more couples are opting to be married in a location other than a church.

Outdoor weddings and weddings in interesting locations have become a popular way to make your wedding stand out, including the famous hotel civil ceremony.

If you are traditional and would like to use a church, why not look to have your reception in an unusual place like a museum or park? Often these types of spaces provide their own decoration and ambiance, and the cost of decorating is minimal.


The 2012 bride is budget conscious and ready to do a few things herself.

More and more we see brides printing invitations, writing place cards and creating centerpieces themselves. If you have the time, and the talent, virtually everything in your wedding can be home made. Although a totally DIY wedding is possible, it’s not always practical.

If you are looking to be a DIY bride don’t opt to do it ALL yourself. Look to do one or two smaller projects such as wedding stationery, or, if you’re not very crafty, look at putting together playlists for the DJ.

Also, I can’t stress enough how important it is to look at non DIY options, especially with things such as centrepieces. More often than not it can work out more expensive to do them yourself so do shop around before you commit.

Dessert Tables

These are becoming really popular. Instead of just traditional wedding cake or a dessert brought in a three-course meal manner, why not do a buffet style dessert table, allowing guests to have a little bit of everything?

Alternatively, try having a completely different wedding cake – such as a croquembouche, such as this one from Zucchero Patisserie. It can be served as dessert and will be a great talking point.

Metallic Cakes

Okay – I know how it sounds, but, how beautiful are they? Although I haven’t had the pleasure of doing a wedding with one yet they are becoming huge in America so are set to be a great trend over here too!

Statement Necklaces

They’re in! If you’re going for a strapless dress and want to make a statement, pick a big necklace to draw the attention back to your face. And, it’s a great chance to get a bit daring! We love this necklace, ‘Brooklyn’ from Tiger Lilly.

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