Getting the Most Out Of a Wedding Fayre

Wedding fayres are fabulous events where you can meet suppliers and discuss their services and your wedding with them. However, they are often busy and it can be difficult to know what you need to do to get the most out of going.

  • Consider what you want to get from the day. If you are newly engaged this may be the first real step you have taken to planning your wedding, so it may just be a time for looking at what is available rather than making any firm decisions at this stage. Or perhaps you are further down the line with your plans and this is the time you want to get things booked
  • Having a list of items you still need to arrange, such as cakes, photographers or bridal wear, is really helpful because you can then use your list to make sure you speak to all the suppliers you need to
  • Take someone with you. Going as a couple is best but if you can’t then take mums or bridesmaids. It’s always good to have someone with you that you can talk to about ideas and that might spot something that you haven’t
  • Have a camera handy, even if it’s on your phone. This is great to do because if you see something that you love and go back to the supplier later, you can show them exactly which one of their designs that you liked
  • Writing things down is really beneficial. Take a pen with you and possibly a notepad. After you have had a chat with a supplier, write down anything that you want to remember so you don’t get overwhelmed and forget any great ideas
  • Lots of suppliers offer a discount if you book at a show so take advantage and save a few pounds where you can. If you know that a particular supplier will be there it is always worth waiting to see what offers they will have at these type of events
  • Always ask questions!  Industry suppliers have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to share their experience and ideas with you
  • Be open to new ideas – you may see products or services that you had not even considered. There are often products that are new to the market at wedding fayres giving you a glimpse of the latest ideas and innovations. And don’t assume that something isn’t for you – do talk to suppliers to see what they can offer you
  • If there is a fashion show at the fayre decide on a time to attend. A good tip is to get there 10 minutes early to get a good seat. Several bridal companies will often be involved in the show, so have a piece of paper handy to jot down your favourites items. Once the show is over you can visit their stand to ask about a particular item and even arrange an appointment at their shop where you will receive individual attention
  • Be patient, if a particular stand is very busy but you know that you are keen to talk with them go for a coffee and come back when things are a little calmer. Don’t miss out on an opportunity for an offer
  • You will probably be walking around a lot so make sure you are comfortable. Comfy clothes and shoes are a must to keep you focused on nothing but planning your wedding

Come and talk to us at future wedding fayres to see the services that we can offer. Want to know where we’ll be? Click Here.

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