The First 5 Things A Bride-To-Be Should Do

Firstly, congratulations on getting engaged! This is a very exciting time and it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why Weddings by Rachel have put together a list of the first 5 things a bride-to-be should do when she gets engaged.

  1. Setting the budget is the first thing that you should do. This is important because it’s how you’ll know how much you can spend on every detail, from the cocktails to the photographer. Talk with parents if they are helping out and figure out where the money’s coming from and how you’ll keep track of it. It is always worth considering getting a wedding savings account to keep control of your spending.
  2. Think about when you want to get married. This may not be setting an exact date at this stage but determining the year and season will help you narrow down the types of venues, attire and flowers that you will want. It can also affect the budget because sometimes suppliers will provide off-season discounts.
  3. Decide if you’re going to hire a wedding planner. This is important early on because if you are hiring a planner, you want her help as early in the planning process as possible. While it can be considered an additional cost, you may end up making up for it with the help of a professional who keeps you on budget and can pick smart vendors. But also factor in priorities: if you do everything yourself you may save some money, but it will cost you your time and some extra blood, sweat, and tears.
  4. When you have decided on a date, book the venue! When this is confirmed book the photographer. If you have a dream venue, or photographer, or caterer, this may influence the date that you get married because of availability. If you know what you want and the date is free, book it!
  5. Make sure that you enjoy the fun part. Mood boards are a great way to help pick designs and colours of your wedding. Get a board and pin everything you like to it – colour swatches, magazine cut outs, inspiration from blogs etc. All of these can come together later on but if you don’t keep track of what you like you may well forget about it and miss out when the booking time comes.

For more help and advice contact us for a free, no obligation consultation at Weddings by Rachel.

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