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Guest blogger Kyla Evans from Aisle Say Wedding Papers talks to Weddings by Rachel about what’s in this season.  Thank you to Kyla for sharing this.

Whether your wedding style is classically elegant or new-age zen, there is an invitation style out there to match. Use your stationery to give your guests a first look into the kind of wedding that you are going to have.  Hot trends this fall include floral patterns and strong graphic presentations. With that in mind, check out some of these gorgeous floral invitation designs from Aisle Say! Wedding Papers by Graphix Blue, LLC.

  1. Calm Lotus invitation: this invitation takes its cue from the traditions of Zen Buddhism. A bright and beautiful yellow lotus connotes serenity and harmony and blends beautifully with a palette of creamy yellow, spring green and rich brown. This invitation is perfect for a wedding blending old and new traditions; think about adding unusual or exotic touches to an otherwise traditional ceremony.
  2. Garden Rose invitation: this classic ivory invitation is a perfect example of timeless elegance. Highlighted with beautiful scrolling greenery and sweet pink roses, this invitation is the essence of romance. This invitation is a great fit for a romantic afternoon ceremony; think botanical gardens or even an exquisite backyard flower garden.
  3. Rococo Rose invitation: this invitation is another take on roses. Ornate and elegant peach and gold scrollwork adorn this timeless invitation design. An updated font gives the invtiation a modern flair. This invitation is perfect for a formal evening wedding; think black tie and champagne reception.
  4. Violet Grey invitation: this ultra modern invitation in bright purple tones retains some traditional styling with a pretty script font. This invitation is designed around a corner decoration of violets with vibrant scroll work. This invitation is perfect for a modern city wedding in early spring; think bright jewel-tone spring flowers popping up against a muted grey and white city backdrop.

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