Does Your Venue Have A Wedding Coordinator? Don’t Rule Out A Planner!

“I don’t need a wedding planner; the venue has a wedding coordinator included in the package!”

The logic is simple and completely understandable, and yes, most venues do have their own wedding coordinator and they will most probably be very experienced and capable. However, what is important to remember is that they work for the venue and not for the bride!

This is often a really grey area, especially for brides. A wedding coordinator from a venue is one whose duties are for the day of the wedding, a wedding planner means that this professional has planned the wedding from start to finish and works only for the bride/bridal couple. 

Most wedding coordinators that work for these venues are professionals and have extensive experience in this industry and will coordinate all that concerns the venue, but they are not there from the beginning and have a complete understanding of how the wedding day should pan out.

Professional wedding planners facilitate the whole process working hard to get the bridal couple the best quality services for the best prices. They are also there to help the bride pick her dress, hold her hand when she’s nervous or worried, listen to her when she’s complaining about members of the bridal party and much, much more.

The venue’s wedding coordinator will make sure things run smoothly for the venue on the day but not necessarily for the couple -sometimes these are completely different things. What would happen if your cake makers didn’t turn up? Or if the flowers all wilted or were the wrong colours? What if nobody could find the mother of the bride or the registrar’s car had broken down two miles away? A wedding planner will take care of these things. They will have complete communication with all suppliers and be on hand for any emergencies. They will go on the hunt for missing family members and drive around to pick things and/or people up if required.

If a bride can afford it I highly recommend at least getting a day of coordinator, it will lower the insanity level considerably. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to work with a coordinator for the entire time you’re planning your wedding better yet!

Remember: A Wedding Planner puts the bridal couple first above all else.

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