The 2011 Trends…

As we are now in 2011, Weddings by Rachel thinks it’s a great time to look at the current and new trends and what will be inspiring weddings this year.

Firstly, everybody wants a piece of the Royal Wedding. Potentially the biggest event of the year, it’s not just the British who are getting the ‘Royal Wedding Fever’, with brides worldwide looking for inspiration from Prince William and Kate Middleton.

What else is in? Colour!!

Brides are now introducing two and even three colours into their wedding schemes more and more. We’ll see a lot less one colour weddings in 2011, and the colours being used are set to be bright. This includes corals, purples, greens, blues, oranges and yellows…and it doesn’t stop there.

Layers, embellishments and texture are being introduced across many bridal lines, which is encouraging brides to move away from the more traditional dresses. However, do not fret, if you are a traditional bride, most lines have some beautiful dresses to accommodate.

The great outdoors is becoming popular as well in 2011. This is greatly influenced by eco-friendly brides and nature fans, but being outdoors for a wedding reception is truly beautiful, although we would recommend a back up room in case of emergency weather issues!

For help planning your wedding and for support leading up to your big day, visit Weddings by Rachel.

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