Show Those Toes…

The peep toe is everywhere. A flawless classic, it can be found on women everywhere in the form of sandals, boots, courts and, importantly, bridal shoes.

Choosing the right shoes for your wedding day can be a difficult decision. There’s the age-old questions of ‘Do I buy something I can wear again?’ and ‘Should I buy dyeable satin to wear with my LBD after the wedding?’. Most brides will have an idea of how much they want to spend on their shoes, which can be very useful when looking as it can eliminate a lot of other potential options. Most brides spend between £50 and £100 on their wedding shoes.

You may decide to spend very little if you have a full length gown, or a little more if your wedding dress doesn’t cover your shoes. You may have an unstopable need to buy shoes, or you may have no interest in shoes at all. In whichever category you fall, it is an important thing to think about – you will, after all, probably spend over 12 hours in them on your big day!

If you’re one of the few women who don’t get sore feet (I’m jealous) when standing in high heels all day and night, you may not be quite as concerned about which pair you buy, but I completely and utterly support the opinion that comfortable shoes are the most important thing!! Consider how they will fit into your day too – for example, peep toes would be perfect for a 1950’s chic, classical theme.

I had a budget of £50 for my wedding shoes, however, I saw the most beautiful Jimmy Choo’s in a catalogue and knew I had to have them! I then found a pair in Faith that were almost exactly the same and fitted in my budget. However, when I went to Faith and tried them on, two minutes in them caused a lot of pain. So I walked away empty-handed. Long story short, on a trip to Milan I got the Jimmy Choo’s! I love them. They were my favourite part of my outfit and I think every single guest got a photo of them because I kept lifting up the bottom of my dress to show them off. But they still hurt. After 10 hours of standing, walking, dancing and jumping around, I felt the burn. Comfort is key!

My opinion is that you shouldn’t rush buying your shoes. Shop around! If you look towards the end of seasons you can get some fantastic deals on shoes. My friend bought a gorgeous pair of wedding shoes for less than £10 at an end of season sale at a bridal store. So keep your eyes open.

You can often find very similar things in completely different price brackets – always check out the cheaper option (even though it didn’t work out for me, I would have been very happy if it had!).

Some of my favourite peep toe bridal shoes at the moment widely vary in cost. For example, I am a firm fan on the ‘Grant’ by Jimmy Choo, but at £525 they may be a little out of most brides price range.

However, I also love these lace detail corsage peep toes from Dolcis, for a bargain of only £45. A great tip is to check out the reviews of shoes online – this particular pair has received fantastic reviews in regards to style, value for money and comfort.

Happy shoe hunting!

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